asset management

Cardinal Capital Management, Inc.'s (Cardinal Capital) Asset Management team manages the acquisition, administration and disposition of properties. Our experienced management team takes a careful top-down look at an asset and positions or repositions it according to its currents goals. Our full scope of services include: tax credit and bond financing, refinancing, identifying a well-suited property management service, regulatory compliance, establishing an appropriate ownership structure and real estate team, governmental relations and grant writing.

Cardinal Capital's Asset Management team has successfully saved properties from threatened condemnation by making swift improvements and communicating with local officials about the progress at the property. At one location we were asked by HUD to recover a failing property that had never exceeded 60 percent occupancy. Better management practices and some marketing restored it to 100 percent occupancy.

Asset management has many facets and our team looking forward to taking on asset management for you.


Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. specializes in the management and compliance of Section 8, Section 42, market rate, and commercial properties. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and tools to effectively manage your property for a reasonable fee. Our primary concern is managing property for optimum performance and compliance with strict landlord and tenant law. 

Cardinal Capital also manages commercial space, and currently does so in Wisconsin and Arizona. Marketing your commercial property is an extremely important component of management. Our staff has a long history with The Institute of Real Estate Managment (IREM), ensuring that best practices are used.

If you currently own or plan to purchase residential rental property, consider engaging our property management service. Our property management team consists of several Certified Property Managers, Certified Occupancy Specialists, Certified Public Accountants, Licensed Real Estate Brokers, experienced Maintenance Technicians, and skilled Construction Managers.