If you are interested in information on one of our investments please contact Ben Holt, Impact Investments Officer at 608-698-1453 or via email at bholt@cardinalcapital.us

Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. (Cardinal Capital) has earned a national reputation for bringing speed, innovation and reliability in closing even the most complex acquisitions. We acquire multifamily rental properties primarily located in the Midwest, and we actively seek growth in selective markets outside the Midwest. Our extensive network of lending contacts and relationships affords us the option of utilizing conventional fixed rate bank financing, as well as accessing funds from agency lenders such as FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

Our team has the skills needed to structure a transaction that will generate suitable risk adjusted return for high net worth individuals, institutional investors, philanthropic and charitable foundations and for-profit and non-profit organizations. Our flexibility allows us to structure each individual transaction in a manner that caters to the specific needs of our investment partners.

Why Invest with Cardinal Capital?

Access to Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Cardinal Capital provides investors with an efficient and safe solution to accessing investment in multifamily real estate, when it may not otherwise be available.


Cardinal Capital is committed to pursuing value-added opportunities that have been created by dislocations in the real estate economic cycle.

Clearly-DefIned Investment Criteria 

Cardinal Capital intends to acquire quality, income-producing multifamily real estate assets in secondary and tertiary markets considered to offer favorable economic conditions.

Experienced Investment Management

Cardinal Capital has a strong and proven track record in the identification, acquisition, management, and development of multifamily housing.

Solid Long-Term Fundamentals for Multifamily Real Estate 

Recent demographic changes, such as the noticeable shift from home-ownership to renting, are driving long-term rental demand. Therefore we believe rents will rise over time, leading to capital appreciation.

Cash Flow and Capital Growth Potential

Cardinal Capital's careful approach with repositioning and management of each asset aims to increase the overall net operating income and to subsequently achieve capital appreciation with each investment.