Gardening Through Community is a volunteer-run initiative that builds gardens at our properties. These on-site gardens cultivate social interaction among residents, facilitate physical activity, improve psychological well-being, and promote healthy eating. 

Resident Testimonials:

"I had always been a huge fan of yardwork and gardening. Then when my arthritis started to get worse three years ago, I gradually had to stop all of it. It kind of took the fun out of spring for me, and I had no reason to go outside because I had no outdoor hobbies or interests. Now I get up and check the garden every day - water it, pull a few weeds, and between [another resident] and I doing this together and hanging out more, we have made a new friendship. The whole idea of being able to garden without kneeling and straining my back was so inventive. The final and best part of all of this is that it benefits everyone in the building... Thank you again." -- Resident from Grand River in Markesan
"I know what I use from the garden is healthy and fresh, and I also spend more time outside as well as socializing with others." -- Resident from Chateau Regency in Racine
"I saved money on produce as I got most of it from the garden." -- Resident from Grand River in Markesan
"I enjoy going out early in the morning and picking weeds, it is very quiet and peaceful." -- Resident from Chateau Regency in Racine

This program is run entirely by donations which buy vegetable and flower seedlings, soil, gardening tools, and building supplies for raised beds, and provide residents the bounty and joy of a garden. If you would like to donate, please contact Chris Geiger at