Our construction team has overseen $210 million in rehabilitation and new construction since 2005. The team's diverse portfolio includes $109 million in substantial rehabilitation in nearly 5,200 apartments across Wisconsin and Iowa. In addition, the team has managed $104 million in new construction of multifamily projects.

Mark Klann – Director of Construction and Capital Improvements
Phone: (414) 395-4454
Email: mklann@cardinalcapital.us

Jack Reichl - Project Manager
Phone: 414-395-4497
Email: jreichl@cardinalcapital.us

Ryan McRae – Project Manager
Phone: (414) 395-4460
Email: rmcrae@cardinalcapital.us

Ricardo Taylor - Project Manager
Phone: (414) 395-4463
Email: rtaylor@cardinalcapital.us

Tadhg McInerney - Architecture and Planning
Phone: (414) 395-4470
Email: tmcinerney@cardinalcapital.us

Julie Scardina - Construction Assistant
Phone: (414) 395-4465
Email: jscardina@cardinalcapital.us

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