Apache ASL Trails and Water Tower View both solved a challenge many deaf people face: Deaf people live in a predominantly hearing world that does not accommodate their unique needs for communication and accessibility.

Both of our buildings are staffed with management fluent in ASL, and there are specific construction and amenities in place that can benefit the deaf. These include flashing light door bells,  video phones connecting the entry lobby to the apartments for visual identification and communication with guests, and internet included in rents that allow for communication with the world through  video phones. We installed internet connections within these buildings that would accommodate the large bandwidth this technology requires. The wiring was a one-time construction cost, and the internet connections is a standard operating cost.

Thoughtful design of the units, minimizing visual barriers, and implementing robust technology helped provide equal access for our tenants and helped integrate residents who are deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing within our apartment communities and the larger communities in which they live.