Our asset management team works on the financial, property management, insurance, and governmental relationships for our properties. We manage the assets from an ownership perspective, ensuring that properties hit their goals.

Chris Geiger, CPM® – Asset Manager
Phone: (414) 395-4455
Email: cgeiger@cardinalcapital.us

Carol Keen, CPM® – Asset Manager
Phone: (414) 395-4453
Email: ckeen@cardinalcapital.us

Joe Thomae, CPM® – Director of Information and Technology, Property Insurance & Construction Bonding.
Phone: (414) 395-4456
Email: jthomae@cardinalcapital.us

Jamie Vander Loop-Taylor - Asset Manager
Phone: (414) 395-4462
Email: jamiev@cardinalcapital.us

Mark Stay, ARM - Asset Manager, Information Manager
Phone: (414) 395-4451
Email: mstay@cardinalcapital.us

Shelly Alvarado, CPM® - Asset Manager
Phone: (414)-395-4471
Email: salvarado@cardinalcapital.us

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