Our acquisitions and development team finds land or existing property for development or purchase. We work with lenders, investors, state regulatory agencies, property management, construction, and asset management to underwrite and close deals efficiently.

Jessica Guzman - Development Project Manager
Phone: (414) 395-4993
Email: jguzman@cardinalcapital.us

Jared Fink - Development Project Manager
Phone: (414) 395-4466
Email: jfink@cardinalcapital.us

Ben Holt - Officer of Impact Investments
Phone: (608) 698-1453
Email: bholt@cardinalcapital.us

Shelly Alvarado - Asset Manager & Development Project Manager
Phone: (414) 395-4471
Email: salvarado@cardinalcapital.us

Dave Fisher - Underwriting
Phone: (414) 395-4996
Email: dfisher@cardinalcapital.us

Becky Margenau - Closing Manager
Phone: (608) 443-2074
Email: bmargenau@cardinalcapital.us

Rhonda Orosz - Tax Credit Manager
Phone: (608) 443-2077
Email: rorosz@cardinalcapital.us



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